Partner Appeal: El Niño and La Niña in Central America

June 8, 2016

“The drought caused by El Niño is one of the most severe in the history of Central America, surpassing in size and impact the situation faced in 2014. Despite mitigation measures, 4.2 million people in the dry corridor have been affected, reaching levels of humanitarian crisis, of which more than 2 million need immediate food assistance, health care, nutritional support, and recovery of livelihoods, among others. This crisis highlights the extreme vulnerability of subsistence farmers, labourers and low-income families living along the dry corridor of Central America.

The most vulnerable population are subsistence farmers, labourers and landless farmers. These low income households are dependent on rainfall as they work in farming without irrigation, have limited access to basic health services and education, and face difficulties accessing the basic food basket. Despite mitigation measures implemented in the affected countries, food insecurity has deteriorated for thousands of families resulting in a serious humanitarian situation. The ongoing impact of El Niño and the possibility of a subsequent La Niña may continue to have an impact, especially on health and food insecurity, for as long as two years.

ACT Alliance is planning to support 5,100 families in four countries of Central America with food security, WASH, and early recovery.” – ACT Alliance Emergency Appeal

The ACT Alliance – which CWS is part of – has issued an appeal to respond to severe drought caused by El Niño and La Niña in Central America and the resulting devastating impact on food security in the region.

Although CWS will not be directly responding, two of our local partners will help implement the ACT Alliance response in communities where CWS programs are located. Those partners are CIEDEG in Guatemala and CIEETS in Nicaragua.

CWS encourages those who wish to support the appeal to send funds directly to ACT Alliance. We hope that you will consider designating your gift to either Guatemala (LWF-CIEDEG) or Nicaragua (LWF-CIEETS).

View the full ACT Alliance appeal here. Specific information on how to donate is available on page 3.


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